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Dig Etiquette

Without sounding like a trail nazi, here's a few common-sense guidelines that you might want to think about when building shared trails or digging at community jumps.

Don't poach lines.

It's cool that you want to help build, but make sure your new line isn't cutting through or across a line that someone's already started. Also, don't work on a line that isn't yours without talking to the folks who started it. Last thing you want is someone transforming your killer berm into a tabletop.

Don't significantly alter, improve, or remove lines.

It's definitely cool to maintain and repair lines. But significantly changing a jump, landing, or trail is not ok. The folks who built it -- and the dude who first launched it -- built the line for a reason. If the line's too progressive for you, don't dumb it down. Leave it alone and it'll still be there when you come back with the skills.

Don't cut down trees.

This goes for tree-like plants, too. If the trunk is thicker than your head, leave it alone. Anything wrist sized or smaller is probably ok. But be selective. Clear-cutting your way across a hillside is taking away from its natural beauty. A little, oddly-shaped tree next to a big jump can make your line even cooler.

Clean up after yourself.

If you aren't planning to come back for two weeks, leave your project in a reasonable state. Keep the lines clean and clear for the next guy. When you're done for the day, return the tools to where you found them. Throw away or pack out your trash.

Don't litter.

If you're building on access-sensitive land, the last thing you want to do is trash the place. Use the garbage can if one's around. Otherwise, take your trash with you when you leave.

We're all trying to build and ride killer trails. Keep these guidelines in mind next time you're out at the jumps.